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Crack Cocaine

The devastation that follows along with crack cocaine abuse is well-known and widely discussed, however the victims of this damaging substance often suffer in anonymity and silence, waiting only for their next fix. Sometimes, we know about the suffering because, unfortunately, it is a personal friend or loved one, but there are many thousands who slip out of this world alone and broken due to the effects of their crack cocaine addiction. How does this happen? Where did this drug come from and how can we stop this epidemic?

Crack Cocaine: Notorious History / Lucrative Future

Although coca leaves have been used as an intoxicant for thousands of years, today, crack cocaine is a whole different story. It didn’t get it’s start in America until the 1970’s when an over-abundance of cocaine being shipped into the country caused the price to drop significantly, cutting into the dealer’s profits by as much as 80%. In an effort to recoup their losses, dealers converted the powder form of cocaine into a solid form that could be smoked. These solid pieces could be broken into small chunks, known as “rocks”, allowing dealers to sell more and at higher prices. Since it was easy and cheap to produce, this allowed an increase in dealers profits. This is the most potent form of cocaine, being between 75% to 100% pure. Because it produces an instant high, and users become addicted in such a short time, this product is a dealer’s dream.

The following is a brief time-line of how crack cocaine spread across the United States:

  • Beginning in 1980, cities such as LA, San Diego, and Houston began reporting crack use
  • Between 1984 and 1990 the crack epidemic began to spread nationwide
  • In 1985, regular users increased from 4.2 million to 5.8 million
  • Crack was available in 28 states by the end of 1986
  • By the end of 1987, crack was available in all but four states
  • In 2006, crack cocaine was the drug of choice in 178,475 ER admissions for treatment

Today, crack cocaine is easily available everywhere and the United States is not alone in facing this problem. It is known on the streets as Apple Jacks, 24/7, Crack, Hard Rock, Rock Star, Crumbs, Kryptonite, and many more names.

Their Profits = Your Loss

When you buy and use crack cocaine, you are basically paying someone to help you slowly destroy your life and health. Of course, that’s not what the dealer tells you. He tells you that this drug will help you “fit in” or, it will make you feel better and have more fun. Sadly, you think you are becoming popular, but it’s a false popularity, because the people you now associate with are so high they probably don’t even know who you really are. If they tell you to try this drug and it will “make everything go away”, they are telling the truth, but not in a good way. The truth they don’t reveal is that this drug will take everything away including your mind, your health, and your hope for a great future.

These are some of the ways crack cocaine will take everything from you:

  • Kills your appetite, you lose too much weight
  • You can’t sleep, become edgy and moody, feel tired and exhausted
  • Your blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature increase
  • You are often irritable, anxious and even violent
  • Paranoia and hallucinations make you overly anxious
  • Depression and intense cravings for the drug make you seek more of it
  • You often feel confused and disoriented
  • Malnutrition causes poor physical health, tooth decay, infections
  • Permanent damage to all major organs leading to organ failure and death
  • You possibly contract an STD or become pregnant

When you are experiencing any of the above, your ability to function in daily routines and to perform well in school and work are jeopardized. The next thing you know, you have lost a job or failed in school, and friends or family have abandoned you. These are the things the crack cocaine dealer won’t tell you, because he only cares about getting you addicted to increase his profits. Initially, the cost of crack cocaine seems cheap, but the cost skyrockets after addiction has taken hold and more of the drug is needed. The dealer knows this, but won’t tell. He wins, you lose.

Statistics Reveal How Crack Cocaine Affects Society

As with any addictive substance, crack cocaine extends it’s devastating effects far beyond the addict’s personal dilemma. Society feels these effects daily in a myriad of ways. The most common effects are the increases in drug-related crime. For instance:

  • Our Federal court system reports that more than 95% of crack-related crimes were for crack-cocaine trafficking.
  • In Atlanta, over 49% of those arrested had used crack recently.
  • Over 8.6 million Americans aged 12 or older admitted to using crack-cocaine
  • 3.2% of 12th graders admit to having used crack-cocaine at some point
  • In 2007, more than 5,400 individuals were found guilty of crack cocaine-related crime

Crack-cocaine is only a small fraction of the overall drug epidemic in our nation today. Combined, the addictions to illicit drugs, prescription drugs, inhalants, sex, food, gambling, and alcohol have taken an enormous toll on our society.

Finding the Solution is Easier Than You Think

Professional rehabilitation is the best solution for young people and adults to overcome their addiction and return to being productive members of their communities once again, but sadly, many addicts never get the help they need because they fear detox, or because they think they can’t afford treatment.

If you are ready to leave drugs behind and reclaim the rest of you life, don’t hesitate to learn more about your options. There is an inpatient rehabilitation program that can adapt to your specific needs. These programs are designed to treat not only the physical aspects of the addiction, they also help you learn more effective coping skills and help you regain a sense of self-reliance and confidence that you lost during the addiction. We can help you find the perfect program for your situation.

There are treatment options available to you such as:

  • Traditional
  • Holistic
  • Faith-based
  • Indigenous or Native American

Each facility and their philosophies are different, but most of the more comprehensive programs today are flexible and allow you to have a role in choosing your own path for recovery. Crack-cocaine will eventually ruin everything you dreamed of unless you take action now before it’s too late. Call now to find out how easy it is to get started.


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