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Rehab: Why People Choose to Believe the Bad Instead of the Good

When a person comes to terms with the fact that they need help with overcoming an addiction, there is often a lot of hesitation in wanting to enroll in a rehab program. Without a structured rehab program to guide an addict through the process of recovery, a lot of addicts find themselves relapsing time and time again. When an addiction has control of a person’s life and the person is not accountable to anyone other than themselves, it is more difficult to overcome a habit that has control of their life. To get many of these individuals to consider acquiring the help they need will require getting them to change their attitude about the rehab process itself. For many of these people, this change begins with understanding why they are more willing to see the negatives, rather than the benefits, of rehab.

The Sources of a Poor Outlook Towards Rehab Programs

The reasons for why people view rehab programs in such a negative light are many. A few of the main reasons are:

  • They tried rehab once already and it did not work.
  • They have seen others fail in rehab.
  • Rehab is too much of a commitment.
  • They are ashamed of their addiction and do not want others to know.
  • They fear going through withdrawals.
  • They think they can control their habit without others intruding in their life.
  • They have fear of the unknown.

It is perfectly understandable that a person who has failed at overcoming an addiction in rehab in the past will have concerns about failing again. It is also understandable that an addict is going to tend to want to reach for any excuse they can to avoid getting the help they need. Addictions do not tend to encourage people to make rational, healthy decisions. However, modern rehab facilities and treatment programs offer a lot more recovery choices than in the past. New treatment methods and medications for helping people recover from addictions are being introduced all the time. In many ways, the idea of rehab itself has changed to meet modern recovery trends and personalized patient needs. However, one disturbing recovery trend is that the number of people admitted to addiction recovery programs diverges significantly across racial lines.

  • Caucasians: 60-percent
  • African-Americans: 21-percent
  • Hispanic-Latinos: 14-percent
  • Native-American: 2.3-percent
  • Asian: 1-percent

In other words, many addicts who belong to minority groups are not seeking the professional help they need.

Overcoming Negative Thoughts About Rehab

To help an addict overcome the negative outlook they have towards rehab, it is essential to encourage them to explain the main reasons they have for harboring such a negative disposition. Sometimes simply getting them to talk about why they are hesitant to go through with the recovery process can go a long way towards helping them see the value of taking the first step towards recovery. If these negatives are addressed and the addict’s attitude towards rehab can be made more positive, this will have a huge impact on helping them get the treatment they so desperately need. Helping them to develop a positive attitude and a desire to go through with treatment is only going to improve their chances of recovery. This is why it is important to not only change their attitude to become more positive but to help them to get involved with the right treatment program for their situation.

Advantages of In-Patient Treatment

Every day new advancements in science and medicine reveal better methods and techniques for helping addicts overcome their deep-seated addictions. With more recovery options becoming available, it is definitely worth looking into all the addiction treatment options available to people wanting to take back control of their lives. A lot of in-patient treatment centers recognize the important role of personalized treatment options. It only makes sense that an addict will be more willing to comply with a treatment regiment that they believe will work best for their particular situation. For many of these individuals, something as simple as a treatment program involving acupuncture, or some other form of alternative medicine, make it easier for them to weather the unpleasantries of withdrawal. The important thing to consider is that modern rehab centers have a lot more experience with treating addictions than someone attempting to recover on their own. For this reason, many recovering addicts actually make the process of recovering from their addiction more difficult than it needs to be by avoiding in-patient facility-based care. In addition, a lot of addicts attempting to recover on their own end up getting hurt in the process. An in-patient recovery program is monitored, and immediate professional medical help is available if anything happens to be going wrong during the course of the recovery process. For these reasons, in-patient care is generally the best path to take for the best chance at a full recovery.

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