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Substance Abuse Treatment for Lasting Results

Substance abuse can be classified as many types pertaining to an overuse and dependence on an addicting substance. Examples can be any kind of methamphetamine, crack, LSD, heroin, ecstasy, PCP, cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, prescription drugs such as vicodin, oxycontin, xanax, valium, ativan, narco, and morphine. The list goes on from here, and is endless. No matter what the addiction is it affects the person, their spouse, plus family and friends and society. Addiction affects children to the point that it can affect their behavior and success throughout life, which may be a beginning sign for the need of substance abuse treatment.

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs Get to the Core of the Problem

Addiction is a complex disorder that affects brain function and behaviors, such as depression, bipolar, and anxiety issues involved. Inpatient programs will allow the addicted person to concentrate on themselves with no outside interference to distract or tempt them. They are also unable to make contact with other users. Inpatient substance abuse treatment programs will address not only the addiction, but, relationships, stressors, health issues such as HIV and job or career.

Inpatient professions will tell the addicted person that withdrawal or detox from substance abuse is not enough to just be rid of the toxins in the body. Entering a substance abuse program will only assure the person for life long success with no set backs. The patient needs to take a closer look at why they are addicted in the first place, and what they think or feel brought them to this point. They can only do this through an unbiased individual professional counselor.

Results-Oriented Substance Abuse Treatment Therapy

Inpatient substance abuse treatment programs do vary. While some offer many of the same elements some are different so to ensure the person’s success they, along with their family must find the right inpatient program that will work for them. All programs for inpatient services have their mental health treatment overseen by an MD on the premises. Many offer, proven success through group therapy sessions, and individual professional counseling as mentioned earlier, but in addition, look for programs that offer other therapies such as art therapy, music therapy, message therapy, family group sessions, faith-based therapy, thi chi, and recreational activities to name a few.

Holistic Treatment for a Natural Healing

There are inpatient programs that treat the addiction without drugs. Some of these techniques have been mentioned earlier such as mediation, and yoga. Exercise programs such as running, and walking will relieve stress and give one the feeling of well-being. Getting outside in the fresh air, whether it is winter or summer will give one’s spirit a lift. Pets often times relieve stress. Pets are very therapeutic in nature. Mediation and yoga are important exercises that will give stress an outlet. A wonderful scented candle and relaxing music is a stress beater. A massage, a warm bath, a cup of coffee or better yet herbal tea is a relaxing technique. If the patient wishes to go a non drug route towards beating their addiction some inpatient programs use these techniques only, and have found success with them. The healthier way to beat substance abuse and addiction is the natural and holistic way.

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