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How to be Sure If a Drug Rehab is the Right One for You

Making the courageous decision to get sober is a difficult one, but it’s the best choice you’ll ever make in your life. If you’re an addict who has lost control over your drug use, the best way to get sober is by finding a qualified drug rehab center to help. This can seem overwhelming because there is a lot of information out there, and there are many different ways that treatment centers try to help addicts. Fortunately, there are some tools for you to use to help you find the best rehab.

Measuring your Illness

Much like any other chronic illnesses, there are different levels of addiction. Some addicts have lesser forms because they’ve only started abusing substances. Their mind and body aren’t as dependent on substances as someone who has been using for months or years straight. This is why you should speak to an addiction specialist to see what level of care you need to help you get sober.

One of the primary tools that an addiction specialist will use to refer you to a drug rehab center is the ASAM Criteria. The American Association of Addiction Medicine created this tool to help doctors and psychologist gauge how severe a person’s addiction is. The criteria have different evaluations that will look at your readiness to change, relapse history and living environment. Each of these will help the addiction specialist refer you to a treatment center that will provide you with the best care.

Finding the Right Treatment Methods

In every industry, there are good and bad businesses. Some rehab centers have the best intentions and want to help people get sober, but they aren’t using methods that have been proven to help. Some treatment centers use religious elements to help people, or they may have a boot camp method that tries to discipline you into sobriety. While these methods may work for some people, it’s important to find a facility that is using evidence-based treatment.

When you find a facility that uses evidence-based treatment, you can have more confidence that they’ll be using methods that have a proven success rate. Medical professionals, schools as well as medical journals back these methods for the favorable findings and research. One of the most commonly used forms of evidence-based treatment is cognitive behavioral therapy, which helps your mind retrain it’s initial reactions to triggers.

Learn About the Center

Before you make your final decision, you should do some research. We live in a time where all types of information are at the touch of your fingertips with different search engines. You can scout the internet for reviews of various treatment centers so you can see what types of experiences people and their families have had. Some of these sites also have testimonials, but you must be careful with those because some sites may put testimonials that they wrote on the site.

A Multifaceted Approach

When you’re doing your research, see what types of therapies they have an which ones are of interest to you. Some of the treatment centers offer group outings and activities that involve going to the movies, sporting events or the beach. Some facilities are in beautiful areas of the country, which may be appealing when you want to get away from your city.

Don’t discount a facility just because it’s in another state because it might be the best thing for you. You can find a treatment center on the beach or one in the mountains to give you a tranquil place to focus on your recovery. Many people have seen that when they leave home to recover, they’ve had a much better experience staying sober during the initial stages of recovery.

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