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Drug Rehab Center

When certain medications and drugs are used other than what is prescribed, this often leads to drug abuse. Nowadays, a majority of individuals who take drugs non-medically are getting to be younger by the age. In fact, statistics show that there are about 22.6 million individuals in the US above 12 years old that are using illegal drugs. This is perhaps because six million children living in America stay with at least one parent that happens to be a drug addict. It is no wonder that a drug rehab center is a must for the help in treating abuse. This just shows the influence of the environment to drug use and abuse. Among these substances, marijuana is the one that is widely used, with an increase of users each year. This is followed by prescription pain relievers, cocaine, then hallucinogens.

Reasons of Drug Abuse

Drug Rehab Center

Drug Rehab Center

There are several different reasons why people, most especially the younger ones, give in to drugs. Some just like to experiment, to know what it feels like to take them. Others want to run away from their problems and this is a way to escape from them. This can also be a sign of rebellion against strict parents. Still, others want to be accepted by their peers. For these individuals, drugs are an instant solution. They are not aware that these can even be worse than the problems that caused them to take these drugs.

Effects of Drug Abuse


Since drugs are composed of chemicals, these can only be taken in certain dosages. This is why only medical professionals are allowed to prescribe them. However, they somehow get into the wrong hands. Though this may give a “feel good” effect to people who take them, these could change a person’s physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Drug abuse can cause damaging effects not only while users are taking drugs, but even long after they have stopped using them. This can result in a permanent damage and even worse, death. As a matter of fact, drug related deaths have increased to 540 % from 1980. Nevertheless, the devastating effects can be reduced when the drug addict gets treatment from a drug rehab center.

Companies and Businesses

Every year, because of drug addiction and abuse, companies and businesses spend 15 billion dollars in costs of health insurance and more than 122 billion dollars in time of lost productivity.

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Drug Rehab Treatments

A drug rehab center consists of two kinds of treatments, one for inpatients and the other for outpatients. The particular treatment, which is given to patients, is based on the level of dependence on the drug they have been addicted to and the relapses they have experienced, if ever there are any. Inpatient treatment will require patients to stay in a drug rehab center for a certain period of time since they need constant supervision. On the other hand, outpatient treatment is for patients that can manage to come to the rehab center to receive treatments. They need minimal or no supervision.

Drug Rehab Benefits

Generally, there are three kinds of benefits that drug addicts can get from rehab. These can be categorized into physical, mental, and emotional benefits.


The first aspect of a drug rehab’s healing process is the physical benefits. When people take a considerable amount of drugs, these can cause damage to their physical well-being. However, once they start with treatment, they almost immediately begin to heal. During the first week, patients show signs of improvement in their skin and body.

The body is not only detoxified, toxins no longer enter their system. They are now able to digest their food better and it shows in their physical appearance. Moreover, their organs function better, such as the liver of those who used to drink alcohol, the heart of those who used to use cocaine, and the minds of those who used to smoke marijuana.


Most people get hooked on drugs because of the emotions they feel. Some are lonely, depressed, insecure, or angry. They take drugs to feel good, strong, and even safe. Drug rehab will enable them to be healed of these negative emotions without the use of harmful chemicals. The emotional benefit of this drug rehab is that the former addict will be healed deep inside.


Drug addiction can also be damaging to a user’s mental health. Contrary to what others believe, the damage can still be remedied. The patient should be willing though, to be admitted to a drug rehab center treatment program. When the effects of the drugs wear off, the former drug user will be able to think and speak sensibly like before. He may rekindle his relationships with family and friends as well. This is one of the greatest benefits that users may ever receive.

Finding a Solution to Drug Addiction At A Drug Rehab Center

The treatment of drug addiction is quite a complex process. Prolonged exposure to drugs can affect drug addicts in so many ways. This cannot simply be addressed by self-medication. For this reason, they need all the support they can get from family and friends. It would be best for them to be admitted to effective treatment programs that can only be provided by special facilities such as a drug rehab center. Here, they will receive the proper treatment to help them stop the illicit use of drugs, maintain a lifestyle that is free from these substances, and become productive members of society. They will be able to go back to their normal life with family, continue with their studies, or find employment.

Sad to say, only a number of drug dependents seek help. According to a national survey on drugs done by SAMHSA, among 23.5 million individuals who need treatment for their drug addiction or alcohol abuse problem, only 2.6 million or 11.2% received treatment at a facility intended for these conditions.


There is always hope for individuals who used to be hooked on drugs, no matter how grave their situation has been. A drug rehab center can be instrumental in bringing back their lives to normalcy. The willingness of a former drug addict to be healed is always the first step towards the road to recovery.

Call Today for 24/7 Addiction Help: 1 (269) 704-7243

Call Today for 24/7 Addiction Help: 1 (269) 704-7243