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Prescription Drug Rehab Center

There are approximately 1.5 million drug-related emergency room admissions every year in the United States – and almost half of them are related to prescription drugs. It is because of figures like these that the need for a prescription drug rehab center is expanding more and more throughout the country.

Prescription drug abuse has become a significant issue not only in the US, but throughout Europe and South Asia as well. Throughout the US alone, there are approximately 15 million people who abuse prescription drugs – more than the combined number of those who abuse illicit drugs.

If you’re one of the many in the country who are abusing prescription drugs, know that you’re not alone and that help is available to you at a prescription drug rehab center.

Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drug Rehab Center

Prescription Drug Rehab Center

There is a long list of abused prescription drugs. Some of the most common ones are painkillers such as Percocet and Vicodin, though there are dozens more of varying strengths. These can help a person feel numb to the pain. Even after a person is no longer experiencing pain, however, they remain hooked on the prescription because of the euphoria it allows them to feel.

Another common class of drug that is abused is stimulants, such as Ritalin or Adderall. These help a person to feel more alert and productive. When stimulant prescriptions are no longer effective because a person has grown accustomed to them and the body has grown tolerant, it’s not uncommon for a person to turn to an illicit street drug to get their fix – and in this case it is most often cocaine.

Any kind of prescription drug can be abused. Whether you have abused a painkiller, a stimulant, or any other kind of drug, there is help for you – regardless of your age.

In the United States, there are more people trying prescription drugs at a younger age – and getting hooked on them. The average age for first time use is between 13 and 14.

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Prescription Drug Addiction Health Problems

For many people, the addiction to the prescription drug is completely by accident. They are provided a prescription for a legitimate health concern – pain for an injury, Ritalin for ADD, or something to help one sleep. The prescription works so good and has such an effect that the person doesn’t want to put the bottle down when they no longer need it. So, they ask the doctor for another prescription and another – and in many instances, the doctor will continue writing the prescriptions. As long as a person says that they still have the health problem, doctors won’t question the prescription.

Over time, the body begins to grow accustomed to the drug. A tolerance is formed. This means that more of the prescription needs to be taken in order to feel the same effects. Instead of one pill, it’s two. Instead of two pills, it becomes three. This continues until a person is numb to the effects altogether – and this can lead to a person trying to find the prescription on the black market or even trying to get an illicit drug that has similar effects, but that the body hasn’t grown tolerant to.

There are reasons why doctors prescribe only a certain amount. The body can only handle so much of the chemicals that are entering. When the levels are increased, it can deprive the body of necessary vitamins and minerals. It can weaken the immune system, destroy the stomach lining, and have a variety of other nasty side effects.

When a person is no longer able to get their fix, they become irritable and over-stressed. This can affect their relationships at home and in the workplace. A person may seem fine as long as they are medicating themselves; the moment they stop, there may be a variety of withdrawal symptoms to contend with because the body has grown so accustomed to getting the drug. The withdrawal symptoms are often what cause a person to continue taking the prescriptions. They view it as easier than trying to deal with the underlying issue.

Getting the Prescription Drug Help You Need

If you have a prescription drug dependency and you have become addicted, there is help for you. Visiting a prescription drug rehab center where you will enter an inpatient program can be the best thing for you – and this is because trained professionals will be with you every step of the way.

One of the first things that you will do is go through detox. A self-detox should always be avoided because you are ill-equipped at trying to handle the side effects and withdrawal symptoms. Instead, you need professionals to help you through this trying time. Once all of the remaining drugs are out of your system, you will be able to think with a clearer head and begin receiving the help you need.

Counselors will be available for you to speak with. In some instances, you will be speaking to them one-on-one and in some instances you will be in a group setting. These counseling sessions will get to the root of the addiction to learn why you became addicted and help you to establish healthier patterns for when you return to the real world.

An inpatient setting can be the best environment for you because you won’t have to deal with the stress of everyday life. You won’t have to return to your daily responsibilities until you’ve learned new coping mechanisms and you can say “no” to the prescription drugs that you see in your medicine cabinet.

When you’re at a prescription drug rehab center, you are going to meet others who have been through what you’ve been through and are currently going through the same program as you. This camaraderie can help you to make friends – and often friends for life. Developing friends because of a shared bond can be the ideal support system you need for when you do leave the program. You can support each other to prevent a relapse.

A prescription drug rehab center is available for you and it may be the best way for you to overcome a prescription drug addiction. You can reclaim your life with the help of caring professionals.

Call Today for 24/7 Addiction Help: 1 (269) 704-7243

Call Today for 24/7 Addiction Help: 1 (269) 704-7243